About the
Vizard Foundation

Who we are

The Vizard Foundation was established by members of the Vizard Family in 1991 to act as a focus for contributions they wished to make to the community.

What we do

The Vizard Foundation provides resources to a wide range of institutions and initiatives, although our constant major focus has been Vizard Foundation House which provides affordable temporary accommodation to people supporting patients in Melbourne hospitals.

The Foundation is a charitable fund, and the Trust Fund and its income is held for public charitable purposes. Whilst the nature of these charitable purposes is not limited, in order to maximize the impact of the Foundation’s activities the directors have chosen to concentrate support in a number of key areas of philanthropy. These areas include, but are not limited to: Health Initiatives, Education, The Arts, First Nations Peoples, Rural Communities, Science and The Environment, and more.


Providing subsidised accomodation for carers of hospitalised loved ones

The Arts

Enhancing the national cultural landscape through partnerships with Australian arts organisations


Supporting First Nations Peoples alongside regional and disadvantaged communities

Over the past 30 years, the Vizard Foundation has supported a great range of large and small charitable endeavours, spanning multiple disciplines and community sectors.

Goals of the Foundation

The major areas in which the Foundation provides resources and support are:

  • Accommodation services for people supporting hospital patients
  • Promotion of community engagement, scholarship and education in the fine and performing arts
  • Assisting young and mid-career Australian fine and performing artists with opportunities to create and showcase new work
  • Making culturally significant works of art available for display and study at major institutions
  • First Nations communities and cultures
  • Conservation of Indigenous flora and fauna
  • Scientific research, particularly in the fields of agriculture and veterinary science
  • Rural communities and initiatives
Details of these initiatives, and more, are available in the Programs section of our website