Veterinary Residency Program at Healesville Sanctuary

This program, for which the Foundation commenced support in 2020, provides an ongoing opportunity for qualified veterinarians to undertake a two-year residency at the Sanctuary. Over their term the vet will develop advanced clinical skills in the medicine and surgery of Australian wildlife, and complete a research project in an area of wildlife or conservation health.

Research topics are integrated with the ongoing scientific programs of the Sanctuary, and are selected to provide valuable support to Zoos Victoria’s commitment to fighting the extinction of Victoria’s terrestrial vertebrate species.

The current research project examines translocation of the critically endangered Helmeted Honeyeater

The program is jointly managed by Healesville Sanctuary and the Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Science at the University of Melbourne, and culminates in the award of a Master’s degree in veterinary science.

Building on the skills developed during their residency, graduates are uniquely placed to make an ongoing contribution to wildlife protection and the promotion of wildlife health and conservation in Australia and internationally.